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Waves of eMOTION

Waves of eMOTION t=22ø⎍(2016)
Painting: Watercolour and gouache
Hawaii and Los Angeles, California,USA
Olivia Osborne

The series Waves of eMOTION is about memories specifically the ones that trigger emotions. These emotions/feeling come in motion much like a tidal wave-eMOTION -a true play on words. These “waves” come with energy and force (like a tsunami) leading to a destruction-however, I perceive this as an emotional outlet and a driving force to live-water is essential to life and if you survive these bursts you thrive. My recent trip to Hawaii inspired me, expressly its magnificent waves struck me- their unruliness of no mercy much like emotions, yet water/waves always bring me peace and back to tranquillity, its my elixir-their motion, their noise. Colours have been traditionally associated with different feelings/emotions. Everyone’s association with colours and meaning will be different but the interpretation is what will make the print special to the viewer. I started the series in traditional blue colours for waves (ocean), then experimented with all the palette by overlapping the colours of the print to create like a montage of emotions-like an array full spectrum of feelings. The fact that there is more than one wave (like in nature), is like vignette sequence and I wanted to create the illusion of a story -suggesting a build up.

Waves of eMOTION  22/22 (2016)
Print: Watercolour and acrylic
Los Angeles, California,USA
Olivia Osborne



UNICEF Art Gala, Los Angeles, USA (2016)

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