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EaTable : The Art of Plating by MÓŠÖ 



This 4 year project in the making revolves around the aesthetic and science of food, friendships, cultures, emotions and the personal relationships that were built between the artists over food. It is an East meets West cultural creative symbiosis which explores shapes that food creates physically and mentally. This friendship took them to foodie adventures aka “research” across the USA as well as worldwide leading to intercontinental artistic creations. Food has always been important in cultural gatherings and the artists used food as a focal point to express their emotions discuss, laugh, cry as well thoroughly enjoy the foodie experience. One of the themes the artists explore is vulnerability and fragility of humans, how we depend on food to survive and how we will source it sustainably. These melting pot of artworks are a myriad of how the artists symbiosis of living together as well as their friendship influenced each other artistically as well as philosophically.


Drs Michelle Sun and Olivia Osborne (MÓŠÖ) are a multi-disciplinary hybrid collective. They use their scientific and art academic background in combination with their biculturalism to create a myriad of creative and evocative art works.


Kitchen Fiascos 1/3

Burnt Kitchen Glove

Mixed Media (2014)

MÓŠÖ EaTable

Print (2018)

MÓŠÖ EaTable Alphabet Soup

Print/Photograph (2018)

Falling Softly

Video Vignette

Photograph (2017)


Watercolour (2018)

The Art of Plating:Doves Disperse

Video (2017)

Afternoon Reflections : Tea for Two

Photograph Print (2016)

Current Climates

Photocard (2017)

Fantastic Friendships: One in a Melon 

Print (2016)


Coming soon


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