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A Milky Way to Novae: Planetary Textures

A Milky Way to Novae: Planetary Textures (2016)

Enceladus, Jupiter Rising, Hoth, Hoth Flyby & Pan Galactica

Photographs: Milk, Gourmet Liqua-Gel Food Coloring, Dishwash Liquid

Dan Wilkinson & Dr Olivia Osborne



Jupiter rises, ribbons of colour intermix and swirl recreating the cloudscape of this far off giant. Mars marches on with its striking ethereal complimentary colours of purple/yellow. Atmospheric forces are simulated in a fluid medium allowing for an earthbound exploration of how flow and viscosity shape the ever changing surface of this gassy behemoth. As such, these milky menageries of colour and texture are coaxed into life by creating artificial winds across the liquid surface. This body of work was inspired and formed part of the artist's public interactive exhibition entitled Fluid Systems.


Find yourself immersed as the colours are dragged, smeared and swirled. The viewer is encouraged to moon over these transient patterns slowly dissolving as the colours homogenize. Images of these planetary textures are presented against starry backdrops, small pebbles in an ocean of star-pocketed darkness. Gaze and find yourself submerged in the flow of this artistic anthropogenic cosmos.

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