Cry me a glacier, they wrote



This oeuvre explores the change phases of the constant changing environment around and the current climate change conflict represented scientifically and artistically. Through bodies of ice on a plate presented as courses like a tasting menu, the domes gradually melt through environmental factors as well as the interaction of the artist (exploring human vs environmental interaction). Each dish presented via a photo or video is served for the viewer to think about they feel as the domes/glacier melts throughout the courses. It invites the viewer to ponder about...

changing states/







Course 1

Climate Change is a Dish Best Served Cold

Course 2

Reticent Reflections

Course 3

Breaking the Ice

Course 4

Stalagmites Sentiments

Course 5

Turbulent Time Flows

Course 6

Delicate Delicacies

Highly Commended Award (2018)

Recognising artists and art which has globally significant humanitarian or ethical importance.

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